The Pebbly shore of stream Baganza

You can access the riverbed from different points of the valley and choose your own path: wherever the river offers a fascinating landscape and able to support the observation of flora and fauna. The most striking and wild is upstream of Calestano. In the first section, from Calestano Armorano they are particularly evident in the steep cliffs of the mountains and the oblique stratifications of flysch. At the height of Ravarano is an old mill. The 'closed' to Chiastre, the stream flows between the bare cliffs of Devil's Jumps. Although after Chiastre the river flows more sunken in the vegetation that hides the view of the mountains, it is worth continuing to Fugazzolo, to see two old mills and a beautiful stone bridge humpback. In the bed of the river, in addition to the typical plants, shrubs such as red willow, buckthorn, juniper and a combination of xerophilous species and aquatic species. Growing on rocks sagebrush (abrotano, wormwood), thyme, sea holly, grass viper; in wetlands pepper water and watercress covering vast areas of water, where there are springs along the river bed or where rivers flow into the pristine river.

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Let groped by the pleasure of the table and by the genuine hospitality of our territory! A land of antique charm and the rich and tasty culinary tradition where the...

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