Jumps the Devil

The backbone of the Jumps the Devil covers about five kilometers to the N / NW - S / SE almost perpendicular to the valley, the resort Piovolo to Mount Cassio.

From geological point of view the jumps are made from outcrops of vertical layers of the Cretaceous period (about 95 million years ago) consist of sandstones and conglomerates polygenic elements with stony mainly siliceous. At the base are large pebbles cemented granite, gnais, porphyry, limestone, sandstone, jasper, etc., Before moving to a pudding-climbing (conglomerate consists of rounded pebbles) increasingly late to arrive at the top of a sandstone and whitish compatta.Questa stone, locally called mass ladéin, has been used especially for architectural parts in view, since it lends itself to being carved. Numerous artifacts made with skill and expertise until a few decades ago by local stonemasons are visible inside and on the facades of buildings











The jumps of the devil in a drawing by Paolo Sacchi

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